Monday, June 25, 2007

Dick Cheney is a very, very dangerous man!

My first entry and it's about Dick Cheney. That really wasn't part of my plan to resume blogging. But I wanted a venue to vent, rant, and ruminate. I'll write about wine, Wabash, travel, and one of my favorite topics - politics. Tell your friends!

Cheney has been back in news for his behind-the-scenes dealings with government agencies - primarily over compliance with an Executive Order required disclosure of how the government handles top secret issues. That's an over simplification, but you get the point. Nothing new about Cheney and secrecy - remember his on-going refusal to talk about his energy advisors? The list for the former Haliburton chief is endless!

This all got started thanks to a Washington Post year-long investigation looked behind the scenes of how Cheney worked to expand presidential powers, and specifically how they re-wrote laws circumventing their own administration - particularly Colin Powell, so Afghan and Iraqi prisoners had no rights. Forget the Geneva Convention, Powell was portrayed as "quaint" before he had the chance to use the long-accepted Geneva convention to prevent the mess at Guantanamo Bay mess.

Go to the Washington Post or site and read the series of articles. It's startling. It's also an incredible example of good journalism. Those who predict the demise of newspaper due to electronic media, bloggers or whatever, should read this kind of reporting. It's great, great work.

For the past six years I was convinced Cheney would step down in final two years or final year so Bush could hand-pick a successor and potentially give someone a leg up for 2008. I'd have bet money. But the current group of 10 middle age or older white men running for the GOP nomination loathe Bush adequately (in private), even that conspiracy theory no longer holds water.

Well - this qualifies as a rant! But I feel better now.

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