Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Got your $20,000 check for Bush ready?

I'm an optimist by nature. Really! I think our government, and most politicians, stink - but I've always thought it could be fixed. I'm coming to the conclusion that I was niave or underestimated the ability of one 8-year administration to wreck America.

The Iraq mess is costing America it's future. My future. Your future. Your children's future. It's real and people just don't seemm to get it. This story will get a lot of play in the news today, so take a few seconds to read it. If it doesn't get a lot of play, it should.

Essentially, George Bush's war has now cost each American family $20,000. Think about that my Republican (fiscal conservative) friends.

I look at what's happening to the market and my retirement funds and it's scary.

The cost of this senseless war and our dependancy on foreign oil has got to end. I've shared this thought with friends on many occasions. And, I have perhaps, written about it here.

But why don't we have a Manhattan Project in this country - again? You'll recall the Manhattan Project brought together our greatest scientists to develop the atomic bomb.

Why not form a government commission and spend some money wisely. Fund the necessary research, hire the best engineers and scientists and lets develop an automobile that runs on anything other than oil/gasoline.

As any good ol southern Indiana redneck would say, "If we can send a man to the moon why can't we build car that will do 70 mph on a fuel cell?"

Well, that redneck might not put it quite that way - but I do!

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