Thursday, January 3, 2008

Big Day for Political Junkies

Besides wine, of course, I'm a big political junkie. Chris Matthews is my hero and seldom miss his show any weeknight I'm at home.

For us junkies, today is the first day of Election Cycle 2008 - though it does seem the election has already drug on for more than a year before today's first votes are cast.

I can't say I have a favorite candidate in the field yet. I love the give and take and would really like to see someone break from the field with a pragmatic agenda to reduce spending, fund education and medical research, and restore the U.S. credibility around the world. But that's my agenda.

I'm a little jealous today of one of our Wabash College sophomores - Patrick McAlister. He and two old high school buddies have spent the past few days in Iowa going from political rally to political rally. I'm jealous. They are documenting their daily experiences in a blog - Political Equinox. All three young men are from Fort Wayne. They've been interviewed on Fort Wayne TV, and their blog has been referenced all across the Blogosphere.

And yes, I've again dropped off face of earth on my blogging responsibilities. I enjoy this. I want to get into a regular routine. I will. That shall be my New Year's resolution - that and the waist line. Ugh!

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