Friday, May 16, 2008

Is Age an Issue In Presidential Race?

The answer to the title of this entry is left up to each individual, gentle reader. But I just stumbled across the funniest blog.

It's called "Things Younger than John McCain." It is hilarious.

I certainly won't spoil all the fun but things younger than John McCain include the area code, TV dinners, nylon, velcro and cheerios. And on and on it goes.

Having recently passed a birthday divisible by five, I'm getting sensitive to old age. But I remember writing back in the 80s that Reagan was too old for the job and much of the post-mortem on his presidency bares that out.

McCain would be 72 at (heaven forbid) inauguration in January 2009 - the oldest U.S. President ever.

Any way, read the blog by clicking on its name above - it is humorous regardless of your politics. Wait, many Republicans are humor-less, but that's a different entry!

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