Monday, February 25, 2013

Five Years Later, Grape Sense Making a Move

It's pretty simple but will be seamless for regular and occasional readers of this blog. I'm moving it to different software and a more easily identified URL. Or, you might call it taking advantage of what I've learned from five years of wine blogging!

This blog is written on a fine, and easy-to-use, software platform from Google - it's called Blogger. It has gotten many a blogger writing on many different topics a start in online writing. But there are more sophisticated programs out there which offer far more options.

On the business side, this blog has been about 'building a brand.' I've experimented a lot and know what gets hits here and how it has nicely complimented my newspaper column.

The move will have later this week or weekend. Unless you have Grape Sense bookmarked, most reader will never notice the URL change. Most of my hits come from Google searches and Facebook/Twitter postings. I provide a link in those social media postings so no one needs to remember or bookmark my address.

The new site will categorize the posts I've written to date - or nearly 700 of them. It will look different but be quite easy to navigate.

I will also leave a post at top of this blog for some time with quick easy direct to new site. Stay tuned for the arrival of the moving vans and my new home for Grape Sense!

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